The Benefits of LEGRABOX?

The Benefits of LEGRABOX?

by Matthew Glanfield April 18, 2019

Have you considered LEGRABOX? If not, why not?

It must be difficult being a kitchen fitter these days with so many suppliers to choose from. How do you make your installation stand out from the crowd?

Of course, it goes without saying that good workmanship is essential, but with today’s kitchens being so modular and with some really neat tools and materials to work with, it is fairly difficult to go too far wrong. So, what can you do to go that bit further with little effort?

Well allow me to introduce LEGRABOX, the drawer system from BLUM that moves drawers into the future. LEGRABOX is a flexible modern contemporary drawer, designed to be both beautiful and practical and only limited by your imagination.

So as an installer, aesthetics, colour wheels and mood boards are probably not something that concern you too much, and to be honest that’s fine, so let’s look at the practical side of things.

The current trend for using larger carcass’s in kitchens is both good and bad for the kitchen fitter, it’s a lot easier to install one 1200mm wide carcass than two 600’s, especially if they are flat packed, however big wide drawers can end up a baggy mess when pushed to their limits, but not so with LEGRABOX which has been designed from the outset to run up to 1400mm wide and 650mm deep, that is a huge drawer, and can handle up to 70KG, which is equivalent to 3 and a half bags of cement! Or about how much I weigh (yeah right)!

Now here’s a question, have you ever tried to remove a drawer that is very wide only to find your arms are simply not long enough, so you look everywhere for your apprentice and he’s not around so you decide to give it a go anyway. But with the best will in the world the drawer front drops out of your hands, hitting the floor, denting both the floor and the corner of the drawer front! Well with BLUM LEGRABOX there is a clever feature that holds the front when you turn the release mechanism. Why are all drawers not this way?

One of the big benefits of LEGRABOX is the ability to really customise them to fit in with your customers ideas or if you like your own personal style, I’m sure everyone has probably seen the glass sided drawers and I guess they can look really good, but as a cabinet maker I do like a nice piece of wood (easy) and lets also be honest, I know my workshop is full of off cuts of timber that are just a little too nice to throw in the burner, and are stacked in the corner waiting for the day when I lose it and let the whole precariously balanced stack come crashing down on me, so why not use the whole board and avoid this nightmare?

I know that the adjustments are sometimes a real pain, and often an afterthought, but they are especially awkward when the drawer is tight to a wall, well LEGRABOX being what it is, even this has been considered and all adjustments are now performed from the inside of the drawer.

Blum Lifetime GuaranteeAnd don’t forget all BLUM items (apart from the electronic bits) have a lifetime warranty, which hopefully avoids you having to go back to site in the future to fix a drawer that someone has decided to use as a stepladder! So next time you sit down with a customer and decide on what drawers to use, make it easy on yourself, choose LEGRABOX.

Written by Peter Sharratt - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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