by Matthew Glanfield January 11, 2022

The ECODRILL is a great tool for drilling any boss holes you need for your hinges. Once you have tried this in your workshop you will be surprised at how quickly and accurately it does the job.

Once it has been set up for the specific task it only takes a few seconds to complete the drilling. I honestly do not know how I managed before.

Using its simple handheld levers the ECODRILL locks into place for drilling accuracy at your set drilling position. Its strong construction means it is a robust tool designed to speed up the drilling process.

As I have experience with the ECODRILL here are some key tips I have to pass on:

  • An ECODRILL drills 35mm boss holes for any hinge.
  • It also can be also be used on AVENTOS HF hinges.
  • The ECODRILL can be driven by a hand drill or powered drill.
  • ECODRILLs have a variable drilling distance (from 2 to 8 mm).
  • It possesses an easy to use marking line for positioning.

    So how do we use the ECODRILL? It has a simple orange wheel for the adjustment to allow you to set the drilling distance for the boss hole, either closer or further way from the door edge to suit the job in hand.

    First mark a line on the frontal where the centre of the boss hole will be drilled, then line up the tool with the “V” for positioning. Use the orange levers on either side to lock the ECODRILL into position before drilling.

    Next find the drill attachments that come with the ECODRILL and put them into your drill. Then simply insert as shown below and the holes can be drilled ready for your hinges to be fitted.

    The ECO drill also comes with orange spacers which when fitted reduce the depth of the drill head into the wood.

    There are extra’s you can get for your ECODRILL too:

    1. The M31.1900 additional part can be fitted for bi-fold vertical drilling allowing you to cut the Pie-cut holes required
    2. The collar bearing set M31.1040 is a service kit for the ECODRILL to replace parts if they ever wear out.
    3. ZB08.02 - 8mm Drill bit for use with ECODRILL - RIGHT HAND
    4. ZB35.02 - 35mm Drill bit for use with ECODRILL - RIGHT HAND
    5. Tool set - MZW.1300. - This additional item is the toolset for the ECODRILL


    The ECODRILL and the accessories are available at There is also a short video on how it is used

    Written by Russell Green - Blum Technical Team

    Matthew Glanfield
    Matthew Glanfield


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