Drilling Template 65.5300

Drilling Template 65.5300

by Matthew Glanfield July 12, 2021

Drilling Template 65.5300

This Drilling Template is a great little tool to guide either BLUMOTION/ TIP-ON and hinge mounting plates (Ø 2.5mm). Whilst the template may be small, it is made from strong stuff to be very robust but still manages to be lightweight through its engineering.

It can be used for either inline or cruciform mounting plates but if you’re unsure the holes are ready for any mounting plate that can be found in the Blum Catalogue. The template also works just as well for any overlay applications.

A useful tip before drilling is to set a depth stop on your drill bit to make sure you don’t drill through the wood you are working on. What’s more, if the mounting plate fixing positions are standard throughout your installation, then it is possible to fix several templates to a wooden strip and use them as a larger template.

In single use cases all you need to do is mark your height with a line on the carcass where you want your mounting plates to be. Then ensure the pencil line is in the (V) of the template, push up against the edge of your carcass, hold firmly and drill the fixing positions. Then all that’s left to do is to screw on your mounting plates.

The hole size may depend on the type of mounting plate as some have dowels, in this case you may have to refer to the Blum catalogue for the drill bit size, but, you can still use the template to create pilot marks for accurate drilling.

Blum catalogue and technical manual 2020/2021

This Template is very easy to use and versatile. Ideal for any DIY job.

The template can be used with:

• CLIP top
• BLUMOTION/TIP-ON for doors

My favourite part is that this template can easily fit into your pocket, taking up very little space in your toolbox or belt. Keep it readily available, it will help you when you’re working through a project.

The orange circle indicates the “V” to line up the template.

The Drilling Templates 65.5300 are available at https://Blumkit.co.uk/
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Written by Russell Green - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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