MINIPRESS Top my first impressions

MINIPRESS Top my first impressions

by Matthew Glanfield October 04, 2021


It’s been a long time in the wings, but the wait is over. I am talking of course about the launch of the MINIPRESS top, the next generation drilling and inserting machine from Blum.  You may have been fortunate to have glimpsed the MINIPRESS top at KBB and as I write this I am still putting it through its paces. I am sure that if you have ever used either our Pro-centre or Cabinet Configurator, then you will feel right at home with this machine.


MINIPRESS top has both horizontal and vertical drilling heads but with EASYSTICK included you will have a computer-controlled drilling machine. The computer utilises a simple form of Cabinet Configurator for its cabinet planning software that’s built in. The Vertical drill head position and ruler stops are all programmable via the computer.

With all your panels cut to size and shape, the MINIPRESS top will complete the rest of your drilling and inserting processes, from dowel joints to KD fittings, hinges, mounting plate drilling, lifts systems, runners, and shelf peg positions.


Automatic control of the Y axis up to 350mm, which will see you reach the centre line of all but the very deepest units. The top uses the same gearboxes as its predecessor the Pro-Centre but with new head clamping technology making for quick and easy drill head exchange. You can input Y axis and EASYSTICK parameters directly on to the computer, so manual setting drilling positions is possible or via data transfer from Cabinet Configurator through a USB stick. The computer configures the Minipress top and tells you how to configure drill heads all from the touch screen. Editing your plans is also possible from the touch screen after uploading.

If you add a barcode scanner it’s possible to scan individual work sheets, and process individual cabinet panels. The benefit to all this technology is a greater level of control, more accurate drilling and efficient processing of work pieces.

Blum UK are also offering a care and commissioning package in support the arrival of the MINIPRESS top, giving you complete peace of mind.


The MINIPRESS top, with its vertical and horizontal drill heads combined with the EASYSTICK will be a valuable tool in any workshop. Large manufacturers looking to ease the bottle neck on their CNC machines, or for use in their projects departments will find huge time savings. And smaller bespoke manufacturers with limited space can benefit in their workshops as they will also be able to process all their panels in one place.

All in all, I am loving this machine and as I continue to play with all its features, it reveals more and more of its flexibility and simplicity. Just like our other machines I am positive the MINIPRESS top’s quality will continue to work its magic for years to come.


Written by Andrew House - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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