Drilling template for BLUMOTION / TIP-ON 65.5010

Drilling template for BLUMOTION / TIP-ON 65.5010

by Matthew Glanfield May 06, 2022

Drilling template for BLUMOTION / TIP-ON 65.5010

Another great tool I want to talk about is the TIP-ON template 65.5010. It is perfectly designed to be used with TIP-ON for doors or BLUMOTION whilst helping as an aid for drilling accuracy, saving you time and money by not wasting material. The template can be used on doors with the 956 version of TIP-ON and drilled into the carcass or surface mounted in an inline mounting plate.

The short version, 956.1004, will require a 50mm hole drilled into the carcass, whereas the long version will require a 76mm hole. The template can also be used as a guide to keep your drill in the correct position, helping to make the task much easier and your hole perfectly straight.

These items can be found in the Blum Catalogue 2020 / 2021 on page 187 and purchased on www.blumkit.co.uk. You can also find a video on our website showing how to use the template.

Link – Blum Drilling template for BLUMOTION / TIP-ON - 65.5010 - Blum UK KIT Shop (blumkit.co.uk)

To use the template with either the standard version or the long version of the TIP-ON draw a line where you are going to drill then place the template on the carcase edge line up the “V”. Fasten your depth stop on to the drill bit for your required depth and then you are ready to fit TIP-ON to the carcass.

If you would like to install TIP-ON for a smaller door under 1300mm tall, the 956.1004 is what you need. With a drill depth is 50mm, a 10mm drill bit and your choice of unsprung hinges you are ready to go.

However, if your door is over 1300mm you have two solutions available depending on if you would like a magnet (956A1004) or a bumper (956A1006). Both variations of TIP-ON need a drilling depth of 76mm and a 10mm drill bit. The key difference to remember is that the magnet variation needs unsprung hinges whereas the bumper needs sprung hinges. You can find details on all three options in the Blum Catalogue on page 186.

Link – https://publications.blum.com/2020/catalogue/en/187/


Written by Russell Green - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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