TANDEMBOX gallery rail alternative fixing method

TANDEMBOX gallery rail alternative fixing method

by Matthew Glanfield November 04, 2021

2021 has delivered are range of new challenges that I haven’t had to overcome before in my 20 years at Blum. The most recent example of this is the pressure to deliver gallery rails at the volume our market currently needs. To overcome this challenge, we have developed a new innovative installation method for TANDEMBOX antaro to help relieve the pressure in the UK.

Our new solution does require an alternative installation method to connect the gallery rail to the front of the box system. To alleviate the concerns that any of our customers may have on how to utilise this new method, we have created a brief guide and a video to demonstrate our new solution.

The vast majority of what you will need to do remains the same. As always you will begin by completing all your usual measurements to outline where your 10mm and 2.5mm holes need to be drilled. We recommend the Blum Universal Drilling Template to help you do this.

Once you’ve measured out and drilled your holes, the next step is to affix the front mounting bracket to the drawer front as usual. However, this is where the new solution diverges from the previous one.

You need add the new dowel into the 10mm hole that you have prepared. This step requires some close consideration though as the dowel needs to go in straight for the gallery rail to connect properly into the drawer front. We have found that a small piece of wood with a 10mm by 5mm hole in it acts as a good guide to ensure the dowel goes in straight. If you can’t prepare such as device, a pair of plyers can be just as effective with a nylon hammer to help insert the dowel so it enters the drawer front straight.

Once inserted, you can affix the new adapter to the dowel with a flathead screw. The new adaptor is equally important as it ensure the gallery rail can remain secure and can handle the weight it is intended too. Once, this is complete you can attach the front and gallery rails as normal into the rest of the drawer box.

This new solution will be introduced immediately across the UK and any existing orders will be amended to include the new solution. If you have any questions Blum Technical Support is available to help you through this process on 0800 2300 898. 


Written by David Grant - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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