by Matthew Glanfield April 12, 2021


When I first moved from the warehouse to the Tech team here at Blum UK, I needed to complete a lot of training. Once I was a few weeks in I started to use some of the wonderful jigs and templates we have that help customers assemble a drawer box, or make setting runners in the correct position easier.

After some thought there was one jig that caught my attention:


I designed my drawer, got the parts ordered, cut the wooden back along with the base and then routed it ready for the drawer to be assembled. These are all things I could talk about endlessly, but today I would like to share how the BOXFIX brought all these parts together.

For my first ever attempt at using the BOXFIX I was armed only with the knowledge I gained after watching the assembly devices video on BLUM KIT, but it seemed easy enough for a novice to use this jig with ease.

The time then came to make the drawer up. I set up the jig on the workbench

and discovered it was light enough to carry around, but also extraordinarily strong and robust from the composite material and clever structure. It even comes with a rod extension for the wider drawers, ranging from 250mm to 1200mm wide.

I found this so easy to use that I had built the drawer in around 5 minutes. During construction with the drawer base in the jig, your hands are free to carry on drilling and assembling the other components into the drawer such as the sides and wooden backs. I am sure with more experience this build time could be cut down upon too.

I used the metal back to set the width for the BOXFIX, slid in the sides and wooden back to the indicated grooves and then just screwed the drawer together. In retrospect, I now know that you could have used wooden backs to set the width as well. 

What surprised me was the ease the jig gave me during assembly; saving me time and making it feel like I could mass produce drawers easily. Later on, when I built a SPACE TOWER, the BOXFIX came into its own allowing me to put all 5 drawers together quickly and easily. 

The BOXFIT E-L is a terrific addition to any workshop or a small business assembling the LEGRABOX range and I would highly recommend it to anyone routinely putting the drawer box system together. 

Written by Russell Green - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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