by Matthew Glanfield March 01, 2021


We recently visited a manufacturer in the summer, somewhere between the end of the first lockdown and the start of the tier system. The reason for our trip was to install a MINIPRESS P with the new EASYSTICK, and we were happy to see some unfamiliar faces. Once we arrived on site we were greeted by a very old, but still working, version of the MINIPRESS. At least 20 plus years old. The technician on site explained that they were getting the new machine because the EASYSTICK would speed up their production and they chose MINIPRESS P because their old machine had looked after them well for many years. 

Whilst on-site, we were asked to dismantle the old machine before installing the new one. They planned to keep their existing MINIPRESS as a backup or to bring it back into service if production increased. We were more than happy to do the dismantling work for them. Hey, it was no problem. 

Once the old machine was retired, we got to work setting up the workstation in preparation for the MINIPRESS P and swiftly unboxed the machine whilst checking over all the components before assembling them. Andy, my colleague and I lifted the MINIPRESS P onto the workstation so we could install the table, ruler and airlines. We then powered up the MINIPRESS P and set the adjustments to the manufacturer’s requirements.

Training the eager technician was an easy step for both us and them as they had experience with the older machine. As we trained them, we moved onto the workings of EASYSTICK, showing them the manual settings, how to save them as favourites and moving to the cabinet planning software built into the machine. 

All In all, we were on-site for less than 2 hours and our customer had a new machine with full training.

As we left the commissioning it was good to know that the machine was safely installed and the team working on it would get their work completed faster.

Written by Kevin Souter - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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