Lets talk about Cabinet Configurator

Lets talk about Cabinet Configurator

by Matthew Glanfield October 26, 2020

Lets talk about Cabinet configurator

Cabinet Configurator

KBB 2018 was a good year for Blum’s Technical team, this was our first opportunity to play with the early versions of cabinet configurator and since that time we have been able to see it grow. We revisited it and previewed the current version at KBB 2020. At those times there was one single question, “when will it be released?”. Here we are October 2020 and it has arrived, but what do we think about it.

Up until now we have had DYNAPLAN supporting our customers for a long time and we have got used this software, but by switching to cabinet configurator the change evolutionary. 3D design, drag and drop elements, minimal screens, no software download. All these changes made me feel like we were in the future.

The first thing that came to me when using it recently was Speed. I was compiling some example templates to use in training and for the sales team. These templates range from 3 drawer packs, SPACETOWERS, SPACE TWIN, to oven enclosures. I had put aside a couple of days to make these templates. It took me less than 1 hour, at the end of this exercise I have 10 cabinets with PDF planning drawings, CAD files, Bill of material lists and the ability to share all of this.

In completing this exercise what I also noticed was the power of free design within it, drag and drop shelves, fronts, and the ability to plan in empty space made it easy to create complicated cabinets. Also, I do mean it when I say create the cabinets because it now includes construction information of the carcass, such as dowel and screw positions.

I could go on about Cabinet Configurator a lot, but I will not, it is something you all should try and see for yourselves. Oh, and its free so just log into E-Services so there is no reason not to give Cabinet Configurator a go.

Written by Matt Glanfield - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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