Installers training Day

Installers training Day

by Matthew Glanfield November 18, 2019

Installers Training Day

Lemon & Lime fitters visit to Blum UK September 2019

Firstly, thanks to the owners of the business Ash & Kishen Yadav for dedicating his team to come and spend time with our product experts for the day.  I am sure they will reap the benefits, both short term with their showroom project & into the future – having a fully briefed workforce will help them maintain a competitive edge. We are pleased to support our business partners on their journey with our product range.

This was a very inspiring day for me as it is always interesting to talk to people at the sharp end, the people responsible for the final installation of our product & ensuring customer satisfaction. One of the aims of the day was to highlight all the products & services Blum have available to assist fitters to do their jobs quickly, accurately and correctly first time. The general consensus is that we all want to avoid that call from the customer asking the fitter to return to site, which costs time & money.

The day started with an overview of the various sources of information on the Blum product. As a thank you for attending the day all participants were presented with a hard copy of our comprehensive product technical manual. A little time was spent explaining how best to use the diagrams & tables within. Moving on to an overview of the DYNAPLAN software & a guide as to how this can assist with product selection, ordering & installing. The real winner of this section though was a demonstration of what the EA (EASY ASSEMBLY) app can do. Through a smart phone you can access an incredible amount of data – their phone is one tool that they always have on site. By the reaction from the group this will become a keen favourite, many demanding a wi-fi code so they could download the app immediately.

The morning progressed through hinge & plate selection, adjustment & the templates available, into LEGRABOX drawer system. We were able to give many tips on the assembly & installation of this drawer, especially when used with TIP-ON BLUMOTION or SERVO-DRIVE opening technologies. Again, there were many fitting aids available for the Lemon & Lime team to try. These were important as the handle free display in their showroom had generated a lot of business.

After a refreshing lunch, the complete process of product selection, installing & adjusting the most popular members of the AVENTOS family was undertaken – namely HF, HK, HK-S & HK-XS. In similar format to the drawer systems the available motion technologies were demonstrated & discussed. The group were able to recognise some of the jigs from the morning session as they are designed to be multifunctional.

The group was able to see the SERVO-DRIVE flex at close quarters & agreed that it can be fitted with ease, despite their initial fears, when the correct processes are followed.

At the end of the day all involved were tired but happy, especially after our fantastic reception/ Blum Experience team presented a generous goodie bag. The technical team look forward to welcoming Lemon & Lime back in the future when there will be a collection of new & exciting product innovations to share.

Written by David Grant - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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