Where does EASYSTICK fit?

Where does EASYSTICK fit?

by Matthew Glanfield January 05, 2021

Where does EASYSTICK fit?

Blum jigs and templates are designed to be used by anyone using Blum hardware which is great, but what if you want something with a little more power? Here at Blum, we have a collection of machines which make construction both more accurate and quicker. For those who may enjoy the luxury of a workshop. I want to talk a little today about our most popular machine, the MINIPRESS Pand also how it can benefit from EASYSTICK. 

The MINIPRESS P has been around for over 30 years and has become the mainstay for many manufacturers, often one of the first machines purchased when they begin to grow as a business. 

In many workshops, the MINIPRESS P is always there, working day in day out with not much thought given to it. It’s just there doing its job with little fuss. We often see the MINIPRESS being set up to do just one job, say just door hinges with a fixed position which can really speed up production. However, the machine can do so much more, which often leads to us seeing manufacturers purchase second, third or more to do different specific tasks. 

So why is this? 

Normally larger manufacturers rely on batch production of parts, constant repetition, and this is an effective way to achieve repeated accuracy. As soon as changes are made though, errors can creep in, so it is easier to set the machine up and then not interfere with the settings. However, not all manufacturers have the necessary space to operate a second machine. Are there any alternatives that can offer the same result without the need for additional space? 

This is where I want to introduce the EASYSTICK as a solution or upgrade to the smaller workshop that looks to increase productivity whilst keeping flexibility. 

EASYSTICK is a computer-controlled fence system which works with the Blum MINIPRESS P and is an option for both those who want to retain flexibility or those looking to upgrade their existing machine. 

So why would I want this? 

A good example is when you are making cabinets from scratch or crafting singular bespoke items that require the constant change of the machine’s settings. With these changes, the chance of errors increases with an arguably greater cost. 

Imagine a machine that guides you through the process, telling you what settings are required, what machine heads and bits to use, whilst automatically moving the fence stops for you. Imagine a machine that keeps track of what panels you have completed and what remains. Imagine no more, EASYSTICK is all that and more. 

 We believe the MINIPRESS P coupled with the EASYSTICK could be the solution for those workshops whom one day may be considering a CNC machine but are not ready to commit to such a huge outlay in cost or space. Additionally, for those of you who have a more hands-on workshop perhaps even with an existing CNC machine, EASYSTICK could be the perfect solution if you want to create a prototype or one-off solution without having to re-programme the CNC machine. Furthermore, if your CNC machine is busy but your operator is not, the MINIPRESS P can allow them to continue working on smaller projects. 

MINIPRESS P and EASYSTICK are fast becoming the basis of how manufacturers are integrating Blum into their process’s and coupled with our new three-dimensional CABINET CONFIGURATOR software, with an almost a seamless transition of information and ideas into an actual physical cabinet. 

Written by Peter Sharratt - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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