Helping out with a showroom installation

Helping out with a showroom installation

March 18, 2019

I’m new to the Blum Technical team and I was recently given the opportunity to assist a retailer with a one off showroom installation of over 80 LEGRABOX drawers and 8 AVENTOS lift systems. Along with my colleague Peter Sharratt, and one of our sales team Adrian Hart we visited the retailer to help out with this seemingly huge task, but I found with the correct Jigs and Assembly Devices it made the process much quicker and easier.

Adrian operated DYNAPLAN to give us the details for the correct drilling positions, whilst Peter took the time to talk through the setup of the Universal Drilling Template, loosening the clamp and setting it to the correct setback position for the carcass took seconds. I was then ready to install the runners and get started. Placing the universal jig to the carcass edge at the pre-planned height and drilling through the template was quick and easy. I soon was able to make quick progress.

In some of the cabinets we were able to use existing drilling's. In the instances where the drill holes did not match to the exact millimeter, the flexibility of LEGRABOX and its adjustment capabilities came in really handy. Small luxuries such as those from LEGRABOX, made fitting a lot easier.

AVENTOS HF and HK-S were to be installed in 8 of their cabinets, I felt confident that this wasn’t going to be a difficult job from my earlier experience with LEGRABOX and I was right. I took the details of the correct height directly from the Blum catalogue. Then took the Universal Drilling Template, adjusted it for the setback for the AVENTOS index holes and moving it to the correct height I was then in position to drill the holes efficiently.

We were onsite for a total of 3 days and in this time, we managed to install 80 drawers, 8 lift systems and 50 plus doors. It was a great learning experience and my use of Jigs and Assembly Devices drew in great interest from the other fitters on site.

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