Blum Technical 2018

Blum Technical 2018

by Matthew Glanfield January 21, 2019


2018 was a busy year for Blum Technical we saw more people than ever use our experts seeking advice either through our new LIVE SUPPORT app or coming to see us and our sales team at W18 & Elements.


LIVE SUPPORT was launched into the Android and iOS App Stores last year. This application allows anyone to register for free, and chat live to the technical team directly messaging us or even utilising live video support. (link)


W18 saw more fitters and manufacturers come and see us at our Blum Cinema themed stand. Here we played a trailer (see the video here) that provided visitors with a glimpse of all the support Blum Technical can provide. Ranging from our telephone, email and LIVE SUPPORT through to Training that can be provided for free at Blum UK.

In the main area of W18 we demonstrated The LEGRABOX Base router for easy routing of the wooden LEGRABOX bases. We demonstrated our ECODRILL for quick drilling of the boss mounting plate holes and other jigs & templates, such as the universal drilling template for quick drilling for profile runners or hinge mounts. All of which can save time during manufacture or installation and all of these were being demonstrated live in the main section by the Blum team.

In prime position we were offering live demonstration of the EASYSTICK which when released will be a retrofit upgrade to MINIPRESS P’s or upgrades on new machines. The EASYSTICK again can save time and modernise working practice. It can be used in conjunction with our free cabinet planning software DYNAPLAN or our future software CABINET CONFIGURATOR. You can download your plans into the EASYSTICK computer and then watch as it auto sets the rule and indicates the correct positioning for the panel. This allows for quick and accurate drilling every time. You can also store your own patterns or pull up drilling patterns for drawer fronts in our drawer box or runner range, making carcass construction quicker, more accurate and easier.

Now in 2019 we have introduced this blog, this will be your view into the world of Blum Technical.

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Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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