Assembly devices

Assembly devices

by Matthew Glanfield October 06, 2020


Ever thought to yourself “there must be an easy way to install all this stuff?” or “why is this taking so long?” Or worse “*%&$* I’ve just ruined that”

Since forever carpenters and cabinet makers have always used simple tools to achieve what might seem to be excellent results, but what was acceptable in Egyptian times, unfortunately is no longer good enough for today’s discerning customer, nor the fine tolerances required by modern kitchens. So taking forever, being tricky or making mistakes seems almost inevitable.


Is there an answer?


Don’t worry we are here to help you. We have listened and produced a number of installation aids to help the already stressed installer to achieve near perfect results, whilst saving time as well.

Sounds almost too good to be true?

For almost every BLUM item, there is a jig or template to help install it and below I will hopefully explain a few that I consider to be the most important ones.


So, you are probably asking what do I know about kitchen fitting?

Well as a carpenter who has worked for themselves and as a store carpenter for IKEA, I have faced the same struggles you guys face on a daily basis, and in the past I have made any number of home-made templates on scraps of timber to somehow help me work faster and more accurately, with somewhat differing results.

Since working here at BLUM UK, I have discovered the joy of using well designed and accurate jigs, and I have a few that I simply will not leave home without.

The first of these is the UNIVERSAL INDIVIDUAL TEMPLATE which is like a swiss army knife for all carcass drillings.

At the very least this is a really good square, and far more accurate than that old rosewood one your grandad used, being long enough to reach deep into cabinets. But that would be doing it a disservice as it really is so much more, this template will allow you to drill all the holes for drawer runners, hinge mounting plates and lift systems, and best of all it helps you to drill holes of the right depth and size. Whilst most importantly avoiding those dumb mistakes.

I often hear from fitters “Nah I don’t need an ECODRILL, I have managed without one forever, why do I need one?”

Indeed, you probably can manage without one, but my Mum told me once. “If you have a dull job to do, at least have good tools to make it less painful”


Anyone can drill a 35mm hole somewhere near the edge of the door, and use the hinge itself as a guide to locate the two screw holes, but how much better would it be to locate the jig on the door edge and drill a hole to the exact depth and not drill through the front of the door?

I have often had jobs to replace all the door fronts with new shiny ones, and horror, none of the doors were drilled, this ECODRILL made the job so much easier.


Which brings to me the most important tool in my toolbox…………….my laptop.

“What,” you say, “a laptop?”

Well yes, but loaded with the Cabinet Configurator from our free E-Services on the BLUM website and it is just the best tool to deal with those customers who simply cannot make up their mind.

Ever been asked to move a drawer up a few mm’s? Or asked to install a SPACE-TOWER? Worked for a company that will not pre-drill anything or give you an idea as to what they want?

Cabinet Configurator will allow you to sit in the comfort of your van or workshop and plan everything out producing a set of drawings to achieve precise results every time.

So if any of this has piqued your interest, and you are keen to learn more of what BLUM can offer you the installer then please get in touch with us here in TECHNICAL and we can go on and on about jigs and templates.


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Written by Peter Sharratt - Blum Technical Team

Matthew Glanfield
Matthew Glanfield


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