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Use discount code “Partners” to get a 10% discount on our pairs of jigs, perfect for each other. Our offer is running between the 14th and 19th of February, so grab up your perfect pair while you can.

  • Pair 1 is our ECODRILL and Drilling template for hinge systems. When these two become one, they are ideal for anyone looking to drill any hole for doors or cabinets when it comes to hinges and mounting plates. 
  • Pair 2 is the Blum Universal Drilling Jig and Blum Universal Individual Template are destined for each other. Allowing any fitter to expertly drill all the holes needed for draw box systems and AVENTOS products.

  • Pair 3 is the Drilling Template for Hinges and Blum Drilling template for BLUMOTION / TIP-ON. This match made in heaven allows any door to be drilled and fitted for the application of Tip-ON or BLUMOTION. 

If you would like further advice on how these jigs work together, please contact our technical team on 0800 230 0898 or email them at

Please note both jigs in a pair must be bought in the same transaction for the offer to apply and must be from the Promotion Collection. Each code is redeemable once per pair for each customer. If for any reason a return is required for one item out of the pair, please note the remaining item will be charged at the original full price. Our standard terms and conditions apply.

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